KAB 12T machine description:

Our KAB 12T machine is built with the latest technology in automatism for the discharge of materials retained in bags/sacks piled up in pallets. A full pallet with bags/sacks of 25 kg each is placed in front of the machine which by means of a movable trolley, grabs the bags/sack and intermediately discharges its content completely. Its effectiveness is of 99.9%.

The KAB 12T is controlled by a plc and operated through an intuitive and easy handling 7 inches touch screen. The system has first class moto reducer gear, optical and inductive sensors. It also counts with a security barrier and emergency stop. The trolley that grabs the bags/sacks consists of 8 shafts of hooks. The cutting system possess a shaft with stainless steel cutting discs which have a template process.

Its automation is executed with festo pneumatic technology. The KAB 12T machine is constructed under quality regulations and fulfills iso 9001 norms. The machine which is fully automatic allows an increase in speed in material’s discharge process with no need of specialized operators. Furthermore, it counts with an innovative design in its construction and the materials used are all normalized.

A fully automatic machine for the opening and emptying of bags/sacks in containers or silos. It empties a full pallet with 11 layers of bags (55 bags) in 7 minutes. Its feeding, as well as the removal of the empty pallet, are carried out by means of a fork-lift. The rest of the operations involve no human intervention nor the lost of raw material.

Characteristics and usefulness:

  • Measures: Width 2250 mm x height 3150 mm x length 6000 mm.
  • Materials to discharge: Pellets, grains, dust and others.
  • Compatible with: Bags/sacks of plastic, jute and knitted polypropylene.
  • Discharge capacity: 12 tones per hour.
  • Benefits: Low energy consumption, reduction of raw materials and costs. Low maintenance costs
  • Compatibility: It can incorporate a belt conveyor that feeds full pallets and another belt conveyor for the removal of empty pallets. Pallets can be discarded or piled up with another peripheral: the stacker. A compactor is another optional to consider for this unit.

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