ABI FULL description:

Our ABI FULL machine is an automatic emptying system for powdered products in paper or polyethylene bags.

It is built with the latest technology in terms of automation on the unloading of materials stored in palletized bags. Only the complete pallet with the 25 kg or 50 kg bags/sacks should be placed in front of the robotic arm and it will take them by means of a vacuum device, placing the bag on the belt of the bag opening machine

Once the bag is entered, its contents are quickly and completely unloaded.

The ABI FULL has a central control by Siemens PLC with electrical distribution by digital modules and a 9.7-inch Touch screen, intuitive and easy to use. The system has top brand geared motors, optical and inductive sensors, safety barrier and emergency stop.

The cutting system is based on a stainless steel disc, which has a tempering treatment.

Its automation throughout the clamping process by pneumatic drive is possible thanks to Festo technology. The ABI FULL is made under quality regulations and complies with ISO 9001 standards. The fully automatic machine allows the acceleration of unloading of the material without requiring specialized personnel. It has an innovative design in terms of its manufacture and the materials used are standardized.

It is a fully automatic machine for opening and emptying bags with plastic pellets in containers, big-bags or silo loading systems. You can download up to 4 bags per minute depending on the type of bag.

The system has remote control via remote connection.

This System is special for the handling of dangerous and polluting products and also for food products.

Characteristics and usefulness:

  • Dimensions: The ABI FULL is 6580 mm wide, 3150 mm high and 5700 mm long.
  • Materials to discharge Enabled to download powders.
  • Compatible with: Bags and sacks made of paper, plastic, woven polypropylene raffia containers and jute.
  • Discharge capacity: Its structure supports up to 4 unloading bags per minute.
  •  Advantages / benefits: Low energy consumption and maintenance. Reduction of costs and raw material.


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