Semi automatic opening bags description:

The new semi automatic opening bags machine counts with a simple functioning that allows a trustworthy and safe opening of sacks, with no material lost and a minimum of effort. At one end it has an in-feed conveyor for the manual loading of bags. Furthermore, on its upper part, it allows the application of a dust extractor.

It has a tactile screen which sensible design allows an intuitive and accessible interpretation of data for the operator. The sequence of loading bags/sacks and the internal opening and shaking process, are controlled by a microprocessor. The movements are carried out by normalized and armored reduced motor gears that are accompanied with pneumatic actions.

Characteristics and functioning:

  • Measures: Length 4550 mm x hight 2450 mm x width 1270 mm.
  • Performance: low maintenance. Reduction of costs and raw material.
  • Capacity: unloads up to 5 tons per hour.
  • Compatibility: ideals for pellets, dust and food granulates.

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